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Tart Tatin of Pear with Ginger Ice Cream

90 minutes


4 people

Classic French Dessert making, where the sugar is virtually burnt, thereby neutralizing any excessive sugary taste.

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The Pear Tart
3 firm Pears.
150g unsalted butter
150g white sugar
1x sheet puff pastry.
The Ginger Ice Cream
250g peeled fresh ginger
500ml milk
12 egg yolks
90g white granulated sugar
250ml double cream


Make the Ice Cream first so that it can cool and be churned in time.
Peel and slice the ginger
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Add to the milk and heat slowly on the stove, allowing the ginger to infuse into the milk. After about fifteen minutes blend the milk/ginger with a hand blender.
Mix the egg yolks and sugar together. Whisk until smooth. Pour on the milk/ginger liquid (we will strain it later, don’t worry)
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Return to the heat, stir continuously and cook until first trembling of the liquid on the side of the pan. Do not boil. Pour immediately into a bowl. This will stop the cooking process. Add the cream and cover with cling film to allow all the ingredients to infuse, harmonize. Maybe we could do this with our societies?
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The Tart Tatin.
Mix the sugar and butter together to make a paste. Spread evenly in a pan that will fit into your oven.
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Peel the pears and remove the core.
Arrange the pears in the pan.
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Roll out the pastry and cover the pears, tucking the excess pastry down the sides. Lola firmly believes these soon to be caramelized pieces of pastry are the best part of the dessert. Now heat the pan on the stove.
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The sugar and butter will soon melt and start to caramelize. This will require some nerve as you need to cook the tart, and panic as to whether the sugar is cooking too much. What I would recommend is that when you think the sugar is brown enough, allow it to cook another fifteen seconds.
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Place in the oven at 375 F for thirty minutes, the caramelization of the pears and pastry will continue.
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Now strain the milk/ginger/cream mixture through a sieve and add to the ice cream machine.
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Moment of truth. Turn out the tart.
Cut out portions.
Remember the extra pastry bits, can be tucked underneath the pears as its less attractive looking.
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Recover Ice Cream.
Loosen belt, enjoy the dessert, organize long walks with puppies.
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I think the original dish is with Apples, which is obviously delicious, though let your imagination run free. I’ve also done Tart Tatin of Pineapples, even Mangoes. In London, I used to do a Tart Tatin of Figs with Roasted Teal, accompanied with a Tea Sauce.

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