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Spring Rolls with Red Snapper and Spicy Mango Puree

90 minutes


4 people

I really love spring rolls ……..assuming they’re crispy and not the thickness of baseball bats. Let’s make some fine ones and the presentation opportunities are better too.

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Ingredients For the Spring Rolls and the Vegetable Garnish
1 packet of Spring Roll paper.
200g Carrot julienne (from about 6 medium sized carrots) Half will be for the raw salad
150g Chinese Cabbage julienne (I medium sized cabbage or 2 Chinese cabbages)
100g 100 g Spring Onion julienne (4 bunches of spring onions) Half will be for the raw salad
40g chopped coriander Half will be for the raw salad
40g julienne mint Half will be for the raw salad
70ml Nam Pla fish sauce Half will be for the raw salad
70ml sesame oil Half will be for the raw salad
100g soft rice vermicelli
8egg yolks
salt, pepper
Ingredients for the Mango Puree.
1x medium sized mango
50g coriander
Chili oil
Salt and pepper
Ingredients for Fish and Final Garnish
400g fresh red snapper fillet.
50ml olive oil
50g butter
Coriander Leaves
Salt, pepper and lemon juice
Sweet Chili Sauce
1 liter of oil for frying
1 very sharp knife for julienning
1x wide non-stick sauté pan
1 pan for deep frying
Wax paper


Peel the carrots and julienne
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Julienne the spring onion.
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Julienne the cabbage, the mint and chop the coriander.
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Remember Half of all the above excluding the cabbage will be for the raw vegetable salad garnish
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Soak the vermicelli noodles in boiling water.
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Heat a wide non-stick sauté pan, add 35 ml of the sesame oil.
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Add the julienne cabbage, cook for two minutes, add 100g julienne carrot and 100 g and 50 g julienne spring onion. Cook for a further minute. Add 20 g chopped coriander, 20 g julienne mint and 35 ml of fish sauce. Check seasoning, the fish sauce is very salty, so be careful.
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Place on a tray, add the soaked and squeezed-dry noodles. Refrigerate.
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Take a sheet of the of the spring roll paper, lay on a sheet of waxed paper as its easier to roll, brush lightly with egg yolk, add a line of the cooked julienne filling. Make four per person.
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Peel the mangoes and liquidize the flesh with the 50 g coriander and chili oil to taste. If the mangoes were not stringy, the puree will not need to be strained.
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Fillet fish, cut portions, 100g perp person, so 3x 35 g pieces per person.
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Take the remaining raw julienne of carrot, spring onion, mint and chopped coriander and mix in a bowl.
Season with remaining sesame oil and remaining fish sauce.
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Heat frying oil.
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Heat frying pan, season fish pieces, add 50 ml olive oil, then the butter, allow to caramelize and add fish pieces.
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Fry the spring rolls. When ready, roll in sweet chili sauce.
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Distribute Mango Sauce on plates in a nice circle.
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Arrange raw vegetable salad between plates.
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Arrange four spring rolls on each plate.
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Season fish pieces with salt, pepper and lemon and remove from pan once cooked.
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Distribute fish pieces between plates.Decorate with coriander leaves. Serve.
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