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Salad of Prosciutto with Palm Hearts, Asparagus, Avocado and Artichokes.

60 minutes


4 people

A salad with many of my favourite ingredients and flavors. Using fresh artichokes and palm hearts is really worth the additional effort, as the difference in flavor is the difference between night and day.

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Adjust Servings
12 thin slices of Prosciutto
4 Artichokes
20 medium sized Asparagus Spears
1 medium sized firm, but ripe Avocado
20 fresh palm hearts, about 150g in total.
4 small Romaine lettuce…………straight leaves?
1 recipe of Anchovy Mayonnaise
1 recipe of Lola’s Pesto Sauce (you won’t need all of it)
Olive oil
Salt, Black Pepper, Truffle Oil


Peel the asparagus tips and cut off the coarse ends.
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Toss into boiling water, once cooked, refresh in iced water.
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Prepare the palm hearts but cutting away the hard exterior. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper and cook on a medium heat grill.
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Prepare the artichokes by peeling away the rough leaves, trimming around the base, removing the minimum amount of flesh and scooping out the coarse center.
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Cut the artichokes into slices about 3mm thick. Heat a small sauté pan, add olive oil and then the sliced artichokes. Take a little colour on both sides.
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Peel the avocado and cut into pieces about 4mm thick, add to the coloured artichoke slices in the same pan.
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Add the cooked asparagus to the pan.
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Add the cooked palm hearts to the same pan.
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Tip ingredients from the pan into a bowl and add four spoonful’s of Lola’s Pesto Sauce
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Arrange on the plates.
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Lay the prosciutto in strips. Dress the romaine lettuce with the anchovy mayonnaise and roll the prosciutto around.
Balance the prosciutto tower on the sautéed marvels.
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Really fabulous flavors in this salad and the presentation will be hugely appreciated by your guests. The salad can be rolled a little time earlier and set up in the fridge to make the bundles a little firmer. Think of Phaeton, the son of Helios, who asked to drive his father's fiery sun chariot and drove it like any teenage son, riding too close to the earth and terrifying the mortals. Zeus was horrified and struck Phaeton dead with a thunderbolt. So, if the prosciutto bundles fall over remember Phaeton’s epitaph, ‘and though greatly he failed, more greatly he dared.’

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