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Ravioli of Pumpkin

90 minutes


4 Person

Great dish to prepare ahead of time. You can keep these in the freezer and bring them out at the moment your friends turn up, or you fancy an easy and tasty meal at home. My recipe calls for chicken breast inside the raviolis as this gives form to the raviolis that can’t be achieved just with a vegetable base. Obviously you can omit the chicken, but the raviolis will be softer.

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600g piece of pumpkin
100g raw chicken breast
2 medium sized red onions
60g coriander
Salt, Black pepper, to taste
1 recipe of pasta


Leave the Pumpkin in a large piece, season with salt and pepper and bake in the oven at 375 F for about 90 minutes. It should be soft, dry and offer no resistance to touch.
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Scoop out the flesh of the pumpkin and mash with a fork. It should be as dry as possible (you can return it to the oven in crushed form if you like) as this will be better to make raviolis from, especially if you are not using the chicken breast.
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Blend chicken breast in a food processor.
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Chop red onions, chop coriander. Add pumpkin purée, chicken breast, onion and coriander together.
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Correct seasoning with salt and black pepper.
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Blanch in boiling water, refresh in ice water, dry and either use immediately, or freeze.
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I always caramelize my pasta, whether raviolis, tortellinis or cannellonis in brown butter -beurre noisette- as I believe it improves the flavor, adds depth to the dish. The pasta should always be as thin as possible as it is always simply a vehicle for the filling/sauce. Here is one example of how to serve the Raviolis of Pumpkin. I did them with Asparagus Spears and Prosciutto. Yummy. Otherwise, I can see them sitting happily in a cream sauce having been caramelized in butter with sage leaves. And grated parmesan thrown over them. Chose good ingredients, follow solid methods and create!

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