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Our Moroccan plates: Falafel

30 minutes


4 People

I spent two wonderful years in Morocco and loved eating these dishes, whilst Lola’s father was a Pied-Noir and instilled in her a love of Maghrebian foods, flavours and culture. Today, this is a frequent introductory plate for ourselves and friends as they arrive, especially when the rich afternoon light is pouring into the garden illuminating the Bougainvillea that hangs languorously from the roof.

This recipe is part of a 5 set of recipe’s that will complement each other for any ocasion, so you will have plenty of options for appetizers:

1. Lola’s Tabbouleh
2. Babaghanoush
3. Hummus
4. Pita Bread, or Batbout



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Adjust Servings
300g chick peas
3 garlic cloves
1 medium sized onion.
80g picked flat leaf parsley leaves
40g picked coriander leaves
5g powdered cumin
40g flour
Salt, pepper
6g baking powder


Cook the chick peas in cold water, boiled and simmered for approximately three hours.
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Strain water from chick peas and dry them.
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Place in a blender with all the ingredients and mix. Refrigerate.
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Correct seasoning.
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Roll in balls and coat in flour.
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6. Deep fry and serve hot.
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All our Moroccan plates can be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator, so you can spread the preparation time over a couple of days prior to the actual lunch or dinner.

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