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Grilled Entraña with Truffle, Parmesan Fries and Béarnaise Sauce

45 minutes


4 people

Aaaaaarrrrrgh, delicious, delicious, delicious.

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Adjust Servings
60g thick Entraña
Béarnaise Sauce
180g butter
50ml white wine vinegar
75ml white wine
2 small red onions or shallots
1 small bunch of Tarragon
Salt, black pepper, lemon juice
French Fries.
1 kilo white, powdery potatoes
Frying oil
100g grated parmesan cheese
Truffle oil
French Beans for vegetable accompaniment.


For the Béarnaise Sauce
Melt the butter on a low gas, you don’t want it to be too hot as it will otherwise scramble the egg yolks.
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Chop the red onion/shallot very fine. Add to a small casserole with the white wine vinegar, white wine, and half the tarragon leaves that you have chopped fine. Add black pepper. Reduce all this until almost all the liquid has evaporated, and you’re left with about a tablespoon of intense liquid.
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Heat a large pan of water that is wide enough to fit the round bottomed bowl. This is your Bain-marie.
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Break the egg yolks into the round bottomed bowl add two tablespoons of warm water. Add the reduced wine mixture. Now whisk vigorously in the water bath (Bain-marie). When this mixture is thick and leaves a trail when you take the whisk out, remove it from the water bath.
Pour in the melted butter. Correct seasoning with salt, black pepper, a tiny amount of lemon juice, not too much as it is a notorious bully that wants to dominate. Add the remainder of the chopped tarragon. Keep in a warm place, do not refrigerate, the sauce, like the chef is totally unstable.
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Cut potatoes as chips, any thickness you like, I prefer like French Fries about 4mm x 4mm Heat your frying oil, and once hot give your chips their first frying. This is blanching them. Remove them from oil and leave on grease proof paper.
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Cook the French beans.
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Make sure the grill is hot.
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Invite dear friend to help with the grilling, but first, caramelize the entraña’s in butter in a pan, before transferring to the grill.
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We need perfect coordination now, as the meat will bleed for a pitifully few moments. So, check all your ingredients are at hand. Cook Entraña’s to desired degree. Season with salt and pepper and rest in warm place for about three minutes. Meanwhile give your fries their second cooking. Remove from oil and season with less salt than you think as there is salt in the cheese. Add the grated parmesan and sprinkle liberally with truffle oil. Toss French beans in a little butter and season.
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Slice the Entraña, arrange on your plates, add fries, Béarnaise Sauce and French beans. Celebrate.
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For such a riotous combination of flavors, I’m eating the dish with my present favorite grape; Zinfandel, so crack a decent bottle.

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