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Entraña Burgers with Brioche Buns

60 minutes


2 people

I lived in France for many years married to a French girl, and my ex-mother-in-law was probably the best amateur cook I’ve ever met. A particularly favourite was her Steak Haché, which you could slide between a few slices of toasted bread to make an impromptu burger. My own twist is using Entraña -Skirt Steak- as I love the flavor and the fact that it has sufficient fat to keep it, whether as a steak, or in this case the ground meat, moist without having to add pork fat, hoof, eye-lid, bedding or whatever some places put into their burgers. And Brioche……well, it just tastes delicious, even though for our burger, I avoided adding sugar.

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Adjust Servings
For the Burger
200g Entraña
1medium sized Onion, half for inside burger. Half for accompanying the burger.
20 ml sunflower oil
The other Inside bits
2 slices of plum tomato
2 romaine lettuce leaves.
20g butter.
Salt and pepper
2 Brioche Loaves.


The Burger mix
Chop the onion finely, season with salt and pepper and sauté in the 20ml of sunflower oil. Once lightly caramelized cool in the refrigerator. Chop or lightly blend the Entraña Mix the Entraña and onion together.
Use a metal ring to achieve a perfect form, preferably a similar diameter to the brioche loaves.
Mark as complete
Slice the plum tomato. Slice the brioche loaves horizontally. Slice the white onion very fine. Start frying the burger. Heat a pan, add the 20 g butter and wait until it starts to sizzle and turn brown. Add the burger.
Take colour and add the sliced onion. Turn the burger. Transfer burgers to the grill. Add the sliced brioche and tomato slices. Build your burgers. Sliced onion, burger, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce, more brioche. Phone friends, open beer. Eat.
Mark as complete
Having been in Latin America for so long, my favorite accompaniments for a good burger would now be a good Michelada made with beer, tomato juice, Worcester Sauce and chili salt around the rim.

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