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Duck Breast in Rösti Potato with Buttered Lentils

120 minutes


4 people

One of my favourite dishes to make. Absolutely great flavors and textures. Good luck in making it.

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Adjust Servings
2 whole plump-breasted ducks
200g green lentils
A small quantity of our Chicken Liver Parfait (50 g)
500g potatoes
150g carrots
150g celery
150g bacon
300g butter
100g fine French beans
80g fresh parsley, chopped fine.
Salt and black pepper


On the day.
Soak the lentils and preferably season the legs.
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Remove the breasts and legs from the ducks.
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Season the legs with salt and pepper. If you have duck fat, confit the legs in this for about three hours. If not, bake them in the oven and slightly overcook them, so the flesh easily falls off the bone.
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Whilst the legs are cooking. Drain the lentils and bring them to the boil in clean, cold, salted water. Reduce heat and cook until soft.
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Peel and dice the carrots, celery into 3mm squares and cut into small dice bacon too.
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In a small casserole, heat 50 g pf butter, add the bacon, allow this to colour a little, then add diced carrot and celery. Cook for thirty minutes on a low heat.
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Cook the French beans and break in half lengthwise.
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Peel the potatoes.
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Grate the potatoes and season with salt and pepper.
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After fifteen minutes, squeeze out water from potatoes.
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In a 20 cm wide sauté pan, heat 20g butter, allow to brown and add a quarter of the grated potato in a thin layer.
Flatten with a pan to make the depth more regular.
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Take a good brown colour on the side of the potatoes. Make four of these Rösti potatoes.
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Trim the breasts of all sinew. Season with salt and pepper.
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Heat a sauté pan, add 20 g of the butter, allow to brown then colour the duck breasts all over, keeping them completely raw inside.
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Lay the four Rösti potatoes on best quality grease proof paper that is lined with aluminum foil.
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Distribute the Chicken Liver Parfait spread on the Rösti’s.
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Place a duck breast on each Rösti.
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Trim edges and roll as tightly as possible.
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Cook Duck breasts in a hot oven 400 F for approximately 8 minutes, turning once after the initial four minutes.
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Whilst cooking, add the remaining butter to the lentils. This is done by chopping the cold butter and adding to the lentils whilst shaking the pan at the same time. This is known as ‘monter au beurre’. Add the chopped parsley. Keep hot.
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Sauté the shredded duck leg meat, add the French beans to the same pan.
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Remove Duck from oven, cut off ends, by slicing through the aluminum. Cut two center pieces per plate. Unwrap the duck by peeling off aluminum and wax paper.
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Distribute lentils on plate, scatter confoit leg around and balance two pieces of breast of each plate. Finish with the French beans.
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Congratulations if you made it to here. Probably one of our most difficult dishes, but well worth the effort.

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