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Chocolate Mousse

45 minutes


6 people

Chaos’s absolute favourite dessert, so making it definitely puts me in her good books.

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Adjust Servings
200g dark unsweetened chocolate. Around 80% cacao
200g egg yolk
200g egg white (This will be about 6 or 7 eggs, depending on size)
200ml double cream
90g sugar
1x Tuile recipe
100g Flour
113g icing sugar
113g butter
4 egg whites
1 several bowl
1 pan for a water bath or bain-marie
1 whisk
1 plastic spatula
Plastic silpat mat


Heat water in bain-marie
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Melt the chocolate in a bowl, in the bain-marie
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Mix egg yolks with sugar (leave 1 spoonful to add to egg whisks)
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Add a few spoonfuls of hot water, about 50 ml. This makes the sabayon easier to whisk.
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Whisk cream to soft peak and return to refrigerator.
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Remove melted chocolate from the bain-marie. Whisk egg yolks/sugar/water mixture in the bain-marie. Make sure your don’t stop whisking as the mixture will jus resemble scrambled eggs.
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Whisk egg whites, add the reserved 1 spoonful of sugar.
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Have all ingredients at hand so you can work quickly.
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Mix egg yolk sabayon into the melted chocolate.
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Add half the egg white and mix in with a whisk ensuring all ingredients are thoroughly blended.
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Fold in the remaining half of egg white, working the spatula very gently to keep as much air in the dessert as possible.
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Fold in the cream. Again working the mixture very gently. We need air in the dessert!
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Pour into cups. Sometimes I set in melted chocolate lined moulds, but in this instance, for a simple family lunch, I just used the glasses.
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If you’re using homemade Tuile biscuits, melt the butter, mix egg whites and sugar, add flour then melted butter. Leave for thirty minutes to set in refrigerator. Smear mixture on a silpat mat and bake at 420 F for a couple of minutes until they are brown at edges. remove and manipulate into shape immediately upon leaving oven.
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Chaos likes to decorate the chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries. Though blueberries would be my choice.
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