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Chicken Caesar Salad

60 minutes


4 people

The challenge is how you might put your own identity on the ubiquitous Caesar Salad. It has to be on the presentation, this is why after a lot of experimentation, I came up with the Bacon turrets so that the Romaine lettuce might soar majestically upwards.

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Chicken and Marinade
4x Chicken Breasts from a medium sized chicken
50g basil
100g sunflower oil
4cloves garlic
50g butter
Anchovy Mayonnaise
6 egg yolks
300ml sunflower oil
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
Pepper, Salt -sparingly
50g grated parmesan cheese
The Bacon
8 rashers of lightly smoked bacon
Frying oil
The Salad
4 eggs
100g fine French beans
1 x tin anchovies
100g parmesan cheese
1 x Ciabatta Bread
Crushed garlic cloves
50ml olive oil


Prepare and marinade the Chicken
Remove the chicken breasts from the bone. Cut the breast meat into 4cm cubes. The trimmings can be used in another dish. Blend the basil leaves with the 100ml vegetable oil and garlic.
Pour this marinade onto the chicken and refrigerate. If you avoid adding salt during this step the chicken will happily sit in the marinade for four days.
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Make the Anchovy Mayonnaise
Place the egg yolks, white wine vinegar and anchovies in a blender and mix. After one minute start pouring in the 300 ml of sunflower oil. Add the parmesan cheese. Check the seasoning, the anchovies will probably have already added sufficient salt.
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Making the Bacon Circles
You need grease proof paper, aluminum foil, a little butter, cocktail sticks and some silpat mats. Take a 7 cm ring mould and wrap the silpat plastic around it. Flatten the bacon rasher and wrap it around the ring. Use the second rasher too. Butter a band of grease proof paper and wrap around on top of the bacon.
Finally wrap a band of aluminum foil around the bacon. Secure with cocktail sticks. Fry the bacon rings in hot frying oil. Remove and carefully unwrap whilst hot so as not to shatter the crispy bacon.
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The salad-y bits.
Slice the Ciabatta lengthwise into thin slices and toast lightly golden. Crush the garlic and spread on the toast slices, add a little olive oil. Cook the eggs in boiling water, keeping the yolk soft. Six minutes should be perfect for medium sized eggs. Cool and quarter them.
Cook the French beans in boiling water, refresh and separate lengthwise. They look nicer and are easier to eat. Peel the parmesan with a vegetable peeler into long stripes.
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The execution
Heat a sauté pan and add the 50g of butter. Allow to colour. Add the Chicken that has been drained of the marinade. Colour on all sides and finish on the grill for extra flavor. Toss the Romaine with the Anchovy Mayonnaise. Arrange inside the Bacon circles. Add a little extra mayonnaise on the plates.
Distribute the Chicken pieces around the plates. Add the toasted ciabatta strips. The hard boiled egg. The parmesan slices and the French beans.
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Obviously you can make a simpler salad with all the same ingredients, just that we must try to make our efforts stand out with something different.

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