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Caramelized Pineapple with Fresh mango and Coconut Ice Cream

30 minutes


8 people

Delicious dessert that can be made days head of your dinner.

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Adjust Servings
For the Coconut Ice Cream
500 ml coconut milk
110 g coconut cream
12/14 egg yolks depending on size
250 ml double cream
For the Fruit.
2 medium sized pineapples, ripe, pungent but not soft
4 ripe mangoes.
100 g butter
100 g sugar
Mint leaves
Syrup water made from 1 liter water/1 kilo of sugar, boiled and stored. Excellent thing to have in the fridge and can be used for so many dishes, cocktails


Slice half of one pineapple as thin as possible. A slicing machine is best, though you can do this by hand. Dip in water syrup, lie on a silpat sheet and dry in the oven on lowest setting.
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Heat the coconut milk.
Add the coconut cream to the egg yolks, then pour on the coconut milk
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Return to heat and stir continuously as mixture starts to thicken. Remove form heat immediately and strain.
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Add double cream and refrigerate.
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Once cold, turn in the ice cream machine.
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Cut the remaining pineapple into blocks, do the same with the mango.
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For the pineapple only, sprinkle with the icing sugar and heat a frying pan, add the butter and caramelize the blocks blocks on both sides. Keep the butter/sugar syrup and strain and refrigerate
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Line 6 cm stainless steel moulds with pineapple and mango batons, placing them alternately.
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Fill with the coconut ice cream and freeze
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At time of serving. Remove ring and top with one spoonful of the butter/sugar toffee mixture.
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Make sure the dessert is not too hard, this will depend on setting of your freezer. Think about leaving the dessert out for a fe minutes if the ice cream is too hard.
Decorate with the dried Pineapple and mint leaves
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In Costa Rica, we are blessed with arguably the best Mangoes and Pineapples in the world, so the principal flavors are absolutely dependable. Sometimes the fruit we find in supermarkets elsewhere are not of the same calibre. I have an idea, come and visit us in Costa Rica and we’ll all eat the dessert together.

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