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Brit invasion of Puglia Chaos had the inspired idea of a holiday in Puglia, where we’d take a house and invite an assorted pack of Brit-pals and relatives to spend some time with us. The area is no stranger to strangers, the region having played host to Greeks, early Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, some guy called […]

Honestly, when Chaos told me we’d be visiting the land of the Faroes, I packed duffle coats, scarves and wooly hats yet to my surprise it turned out to be sand, sun and pyramids. Only joking. Chaos and I had actually both visited the country years ago, during an earlier dynasty when we were young […]

Extraordinary city. The place simply oozes history, culture, calories and sophistication. Every time time I come here, I fantasize about moving to the city permanently -at any moment in its history! I’ve been to Rome half a dozen times, so my experiences at the sites, restaurants, hotels, markets or accommodations are in no discernible order. […]

Back to Mexico, a favourite destination whichever town or city we happen to visit. On this occasion, it’s a first trip for both of us to the charming town of Oaxaca, that Chaos is organizing as a wonderful birthday present. As it requires a transfer in Mexico City, this means starting from home at an […]

Our southernly neighbour is a super spot for either a weekend R & R, or a longer trip if you can get to the fabulous San Blas islands. The capital Panama City is an exciting town, with decent restaurants and clubs, an interesting old quarter, and plenty of opportunities for great photography. Way too much […]

Totally awesome, surreal place. We keep going back and every time, the island gives you more. The first time we went, I felt the most overwhelming sense of sadness, as the dilapidated buildings on the Paseo del Prado seemed to possess the air of a once elegant person who had recently fallen on hard times. […]

Chaos’ antiques store is full of so many beautiful things, and whilst I’ve often offered to show off my wood-working skills, for some reason she prefers to get it from authentic sources and professionals, so every year we travel to Asia to buy the furniture. Large architectural pieces such as doors, columns, arches and armoires, […]

So, Santa Teresa finds itself as one of the coolest spots on the planet, apparently in the august company of Mykonos, Marrakech, Tulum and Bali as one of those truly hallowed places where the ‘beautiful people’ hang out and sprinkle a little of their stardust on us poor mortals. And quite frankly, who would blame […]

Assuming reincarnation is both real and available, I’d like to come back as a Flamenco dancer, and whilst the floral frocks, bright make-up and large earrings worn by the ladies are really super, I’d still prefer to be the male lead. I mean, how many jobs allow you to wear seriously cool, noisy shoes, shiny […]

Turkey is a really special place to visit, and whilst Istanbul is a truly great capital with so much to see and enjoy, the rest of the country is a veritable treasure chest where you might run the extraordinary sights and experiences through your fingers, each town, site and village sparkling ever more brightly than […]

So, we’re doing our marathon one thousand mile tour of Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell and need a starting and end point, so we reluctantly book flights for Las Vegas. We were absolutely determined to hate the city, the global emblem of excess, waste, artificiality, eternal Britney […]

Absolutely nothing prepares you for a trip to India. It is an assault upon the senses -I mean that positively- a fact that might overwhelm you when you simply want a respite from the constant, remarkable, sensory stimulation. You simply cannot be indifferent to the country, it demands appraisal. I lived there for two years […]

I moved to Paris when I was twenty-two years old. I had been working at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Oxford with Monsieur Blanc for two years, and he had genourously, nay, alchemized me, by sending me to work at the iconic restaurant Jamin, with Monsieur Joel Robuchon. The greatest privilege, the greatest educative […]

I first started sketching when I was 12, progressed to acrylics in my 20’s, had my 1st art show in London by the time I was 26, in between working as an assistant scenic artist on movies like Company of Wolves. I have always found great tranquility and relaxation experimenting with paint on canvas. I […]

I arrived in Moscow on the day the US military pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein in Firdos Square, and a couple of weeks before Dubya Bush made his infamous ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech. Considering current events, such triumphalism illustrates the naïveté and casual vacuity of Western foreign policy, for it transpires we didn’t rid […]

South Africa is absolutely blessed. Breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife, great climate, fun cities. We flew into Johannesburg, picked up a car and drove a few hundred miles to the lodge we were staying at, one that runs along the side of Kruger Park. Really super place, individual villas with private decks where you can watch […]

Marrakech is a great place for a cook to live and work as the gods who decide on such things have produced a perfectly balanced script from which the mortals work from. The produce is great, the clientele and local people, who you’ll be relying upon, equally so. There is a wonderful food culture in […]

Extraordinary city. The place simply oozes history, culture, calories and sophistication. Every time time I come here, I fantasize about moving to the city permanently -at any moment in its history! I’ve been to Rome half a dozen times, so my experiences at the sites, restaurants, hotels, markets or accommodations are in no discernible order. […]

Metropolis. George Grosz. Thyssen-Bournemisza When one thinks about it, this could have been my capital -along with all other Brits- city. If only Mary Tudor had lived longer, her pregnancy hadn’t been a false one, or the Armada captains had had more favourable winds, we could have continued under Spanish suzerainty, and all the ramifications […]

Really one of the most exciting urban experiences ever. I simply love the city. You hear all these horror stories about the air pollution, the traffic, crime, yet I’ve been there a few times and this is certainly not my recollection, maybe because it’s always been Holy Week and all the ‘bad hombres’ were out of town […]

Quite frankly, I’m furious with Meg and Haz. Not because they bagged all the low hanging fruit of the Victim Industry by scoring those gargantuan contracts with Netflix peddling their woe-is-us-stories, but because they’re making out they pioneered the pronoun-exit narrative. Of course there was the torturous and drawn-out Brexit melodrama before them, but jus

A guide on how not to open a restaurant. If you the reader can cut me some slack, I’ll be using terms such as change, newness and restaurant openings interchangeably as a shameless plot device to provide some structure to an otherwise rambling, meaningless monologue. Here goes. As an unhappy, misoneistic conservative, I like continuity, and feel that change

I’m sure even Marie-Antoinette would have shown greater sensitivity than to write about food and wine at this present juncture in time. The zeitgeist is definitely apocalyptic, with multiple horsemen riding steeds named Ukraine, Covid, Taiwan, Monkey-pox, Environmental Catastrophe and the unfortunately christened Loss-of-Blue-Collar-Work. Yet whilst maudlin-se